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5 Reasons Why You Must Travel to Cebu

Travelers and tourists always search for the right spot for travels, and places that is worth to visit to spend the leisure time. What about you? Are you looking for vacation spots or place to go after your wedding? There is one place we want you to explore. Enjoy yourself to the magnificent and surprising places of Cebu – not just places – but all the mouthwatering food you can find there. All the things I discovered will leave you inspired and want to take your tour right away.

Find enjoyment in every possible way, explore Cebu to shoo all your stress away.

  1. Friendly people. One thing we also want to look forward to when we visit some place is the accommodating or good atmosphere we receive from others. Cebu has this kind of people that you will certainly meet when you visit this place. Although Cebuanos were stereotyped as “baduy” or uncool, you will change your mind once you meet them.


  1. Magnificent and eye-catching places. Have you heard about the splendid places present in Cebu? Cebu is quite famous not just in local but also around the world. Why is it so? They have numerous of eye-catching tourist spots. They also have variety of 5-star hotels and accommodations where you can have your luxurious and cozy place to stay. The following is some of the sought-after attractions where you can visit the so-called paradise:


  • Malapascua Island – Malapascua is one of Cebu’s tourist destinations where you can find marine sanctuaries that attracts divers. This place is also well-known for Monad Shoal where thresher sharks can be clearly seen. Monad Shoal truly gained more attention from people visiting this place. Aside from these awe-inspiring sceneries and destinations, there are lots of itineraries you will surely enjoy.


  • Nalusuan Island – Indulge yourself to the paradise of Nalusuan Island where you can find amazing and breathtaking fish sanctuaries that touches heart of people. Many foreigners and even locals fell in love with this kind of scenery. This place also has diving site for divers and snorkeling is possible in this place. Take your time to observe the wonders of creation under the sea. From colorful corals and thousands of fish, everything is wonderful and awesome.


  • Osmeña Peak – Here is another place for adventurous and mountaineers people. When talking about outdoor adventures, Osmeña Peak is one place to look forward to. Do not miss the chance of visiting this amazing destination when you reach Cebu. Enjoy the scenic and panoramic views of the entire province and even the neighboring islands.


  • Kawasan Falls – Being one of the best attraction throughout the country, foreigners and backpackers were lured to visit this magnificent place. It’s not the view alone that makes it awesome but also the exciting itineraries you can find here.


  1. Mouth-watering foods. Being a tourist or traveler will not be completed without trying the best foods offered in the tourist destination. Cebu has mouth-watering foods that will leave you speechless and ask for more. Never leave this destination without trying their dishes. Here are few of Cebu’s cuisines and street foods that you should try:


  • Cebuanos Lechon – Cebuanos Lechon is well-known as the best-tasting lechon throughout the country that even the world famous celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain commented that Cebuanos lechon is the “best pig ever.”
  • Ginabot – Cebu is also well-known to their street-foods delicacies and Ginabot is one of them. Ginabot is a street-food that is made of deep-fried swine intestines paired with vinegar together with the chili and onions. Taste this crunchy, salty, and tasty food you could only find in Cebu. This street-food is best served with another street foods like ngohiong (a local version of spring rolls), chicken, pork, chorizo and hotdog.


  1. Take a look to their rich histories. Studying histories about certain places gives you insights about their past, but studying alone will only leave you clueless and view single angle of the place’s history. Travel makes it more interesting and learn more about the destinations’ history and culture. Indeed, Cebu has magnificent cultures and history that makes your visit more interesting. They have churches and shrines that represents their cultures and how they value religion. Minor Basilica del Santo Nino is the commonly visited church in Cebu.


  1. Cebu Islands are the most accessible destination in the Philippines. In Southeast Asia, booking for flights in Cebu is easier than other destinations. You can choose between Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

Cebu is the best term for “paradise.” Once you visit this splendid wonderland, indulge your eyes to magnificent islands available in Cebu and take your time to observe every good things here on earth. Taste all their mouth-watering foods. Allow Cebu to take all your stress away, and brings you great happiness of experiences that is like no other.


Photo By: Word of Travel

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